My customized Wim Hof breathing exercise

Updated: 04/02/2023 (added tinnitus warning)

Getting high off your own supply

I’ve been doing the Wim Hof breathing exercise for more than 6 months and I absolutely loved it when I started doing it. I was literally getting high off this breathing method. It was like a drug.

But as you know nothing lasts forever. After 4 or 5 months I noticed that the tingling and general feeling of expansion doesn’t happen anymore or I have to try really hard to achieve even the slightest high.

So I had this idea to experiment with the technique, I started doing different things trying to see what could give the high again. It is fun experimentation. But it seems after a couple of months of experimentation I’ve come up with something that gives me some high again.

The instructions are below. If you haven’t done any Wim Hof breathing, the original method is also below.

Have fun and feel free to modify my method. I’m also always trying new things. Maybe I’ll have something new after another couple of months and I’ll post it here in such case.


Warning: Small percentage of people can get permanent tinnitus from these breathing exercises. If you get any signs of tinnitus I’d advise forgetting about this endeavor!

  • If this is new to you, I recommend starting with the original method first.
  • Also, lay down and don’t do this in water or when operating a vehicle, you can pass out!
  • If at any point you feel this is hurting you in any way, then do not do it!

The original Wim Hof breathing method

My modified breathing method

– start of the round –

1) Inhale deep and exhale by letting go (shallow exhale) repeatedly at a somewhat fast pace for 2 minutes or more

2) Deep breath in and hold your breath for 15 seconds (do not push it)

3) Repeat 1 and 2

4) Exhale slowly and do the breath hold for 2 minutes or more

5) Deep breath in and hold your breath for 15 seconds (do not push it)

6) Exhale slowly and do the breath hold for 50 seconds or more

7) Deep breath in and hold your breath for 15 seconds (do not push it)

– start the next round and repeat until you are done –


  • Do NOT push the air in steps 2,5 and 7. I no longer recommend it, too forceful.
  • In between the steps you can take up to 15 seconds of pause to enjoy the feeling
  • Take it easy between steps 2 and 3 (pause if you need)
  • If you can’t do the breath hold for the suggested duration, then do less
  • Use a stopwatch/timer