Francis Answers - 2

Francis Lucille

Is there any DVD on yoga, or a book explaining it?

There is no DVD or book on the yoga of non-duality.

Here is what I suggest to you: Be acutely aware of the actual experience of your body. It is made of body sensations floating in the space of your awareness. Surrender, offer these sensations to the presence, to that space in which they appear. Don’t interfere with them by trying to suppress them, keep them, or change them. Do that first during moments of availability in your life, for instance during these periods set apart for meditation or yoga. Start sitting as comfortably as possible, then add yoga postures and other exercises from the hatha yoga paraphernalia, always being gentle with your body, without inflicting pain or discomfort. Then gradually incorporate this awareness and surrender of your body to other situations in your life, sitting at your desk or in the dentist’s chair, etc..

Also, when thoughts about the Truth, the path, your true nature appear to you, don’t avoid them. Welcome them. Let them guide you to the conscious presence to which they refer, to that in you which perceives and understands, in sharp contrast with the thoughts of ignorance, the thoughts of fear and desire, which always refer to a separate “Me”. If such thoughts appear, investigate the nature of this “Me”, and whether it is separate or not.

Finally, there are external sense perceptions through which the so-called physical world appears to you. They too point to the presence in which they appear. Proceed with these in the same manner as with your body sensations, offering them to that presence, to your pure consciousness.