Francis Answers - 8

Francis Lucille

This question concerns the objects and situations perceived by the body/mind.

I see my daughter. She is an object of consciousness. As a human being she is known as a continuous entity. This the toddler becomes a girl who becomes a woman. I know her. She knows me. We have a relationship.

From the perspective of nonduality, am I experiencing “my” consciousness appearing as her? Or does she possess distinct attributes that are, by necessity, separate from my own consciousness? Like all intimate and long term relationships, this one seems to possess unique and predictable qualities. I am asking you about the nature of perceived “reality”.

Thank you so much for your time.


Dear Eric,

Who is your daughter? Is she the human body that underwent changes from toddler to girl, from girl to woman? Or is she rather the consciousness that perceives and acts through that changing body? And is that consciousness that perceives the ever changing perceptions itself subject to change? Look within yourself at your own consciousness to answer these questions. By “consciousness” I mean that which is perceiving these words right now. What is true of your own consciousness is likely to be true of her’s. Does your own consciousness have attributes that you can perceive such as color, shape, limits, beginning, end, etc? Does it change? Does it go on and off? Where does your consciousness end and hers begin?

When you say “I know her” you mean in fact two different modes of knowing, two values attached to the pronoun “her”:

  1. Her=her body, her habits, memories, her past history, etc -all perceived objects, attributes. In that case you and she are different. But even “you” are different from yourself from moment to moment, since this “you” is ever changing.

  2. Her= the consciousness, that which perceives, knows, understands, loves, lives. In that case, is there a difference you can perceive between her consciousness and yours? And if there is no difference you can perceive, what leads you to believe they are different?

To answer your question in a nutshell: the attributes in each of you are different and not real, the consciousness, beingness, reality, love and eternity is the same in both of you. Your daughter and you are one in this Love, as this Love.

Warmest regards,