Francis Answers - 11

Francis Lucille

I always wondered if the so called ‘enlighnted’ people are letting emotions or feelings express themselves as they will, and be cautious to not act on certain ones.

If we are conditioned to feel and behave in a certain way, do we let emotions just be and not act on them? Is it natural to live under the hypnosis of sociatal conditioning? If not, is it natural to repress feelings of love and sexual attraction towards opposite sex if they occur during a social contract called marriage?

Just sharing thoughts ………..can you share ‘yours’ in this matter??

As a separate person, we don’t choose our thoughts, our emotions, our actions. We don’t choose to let them be or to act on them. We don’t have the option to repress feelings of love and sexual attraction. To see that clearly is the result of enlightenment. We regain our freedom the moment we cease to believe and to feel that we are such a separate person. The action, thought, feeling, attraction, that arises in the absence of such a belief or feeling is in harmony with the cosmos. All emotions and feelings express themselves as they will, as they always do, but they are in that case naturally beautiful, loving and intelligent.

Marriage as a social contract is a tool designed by society to protect its fabric, make sure that children and older people are taken care of by their parents and spouses. It creates mutual rights and obligations between the two parties. It may be a good thing, similar to criminal law that protects the innocent from the thieves and murderers. However real marriage doesn’t require a piece of paper. It is pretty simple: in love you are married, in ignorance you are divorced. That applies to everything, not just to relationships between men and women.