Francis Answers - 13

Francis Lucille

Can the mechanism of birth and death be understood?

What do you mean by “understand”? Do you mean to have an adequate concept of it or to have the experience of it? And why do you want to understand it? In most cases, we want to know what remains after death or whether anything remains, which is often the sign of our fear of a total letting go of the known, of the world of objects.

Jean Klein calls death “the great forgetting”, similar to the temporary forgetting of deep sleep, but with a difference: there is no return.

The only thing which remains for certain is the reality of all things, which is also the reality of you, your real self, your presence, the timeless source of everything found in time. However make sure not to turn these words into a belief. Reflect upon them until they become your unshakable truth.

In its freedom, this presence can create or recreate any object or event it desires.

Regarding the experience of death itself, see clearly the impossibility of it. Who or what could experience death? If there is such an experience, there is still life, consciousness, not death. You are life, and as such you cannot experience death.