Francis Answers - 14

Francis Lucille

Dear Francis, I have visited with you only once, at your home in Temecula. At that time, I asked you a question about my partner who has Alzheimers, but unfortunately because of the acoustics, I was unable to hear the answer. I just remember you mentioned something about your father having the same disorder before he died. My question is whether someone with Alzheimers is capable of realizing their true nature, and thus fulfilling their life's purpose before they die. I believe it to be so for my partner, but I would like to hear from you once again. Many Thanks!

That which realizes its true nature is not a body or a mind, an object. It is awareness itself, unaffected by the impermanent states of the body-mind.

You seem to attach a great importance to this realization, which is a beautiful thing when and if it happens. But the most marvelous thing is the fact that there is something rather than nothing, that there is being and consciousness, and this is already happening here and now!