Francis Answers - 17

Francis Lucille

Francis, I’ve been noticing a very subtle veil, a kind of a blankness, that seems like a mind-produced obscuration of “what is.” As I’ve only just figured out what it might be, I’m also just starting to notice its tendency to show up, and the fact that it’s probably been here a lot more than I realized, part of the seduction of the world, I suppose. Now that I see it, it brings about frustration in me, which probably is the point of it–allows the mind to still hold sway, or something? Do you recommend just noticing it? Just welcoming it?

I would look at it and ascertain its nature. Is it a bodily sensation, an external sense perception or a thought? Where is it localized? Does it come and go, or change? To that end, you need to welcome it completely, without dwelling on it longer than necessary. And, finally, the $100000000000000000 question: Is it perceived, or does it perceive?

See you soon,