Where does the need to create this illusion come from? - Francis Answers - 29

Francis Lucille

It has become completely clear that our life is only an illusion and is devoid of any solid reality. Here is the question: where does the need to create this illusion come from?

Let’s assume that I am dreaming and that the question arises: “why am I creating this dream?” The moment this question appears, dreaming stops. The question refers now to a past event, the dream. Clearly, the real answer to this question cannot be found among the elements of the dream, for they are not real. For instance, the answer: “I was creating this dream to seduce the beautiful women who was appearing in it” is obviously absurd.

Let’s now go back to your question which I reformulate as follows: “Given that all phenomena are illusory, what is the real cause for their creation?” Obviously, this real cause cannot be an illusory phenomenon. The only non phenomenal element of our experience is our awareness, our presence, which is therefore the only remaining candidate for “cause of” or “origin of the need for” the creation of illusion. Our awareness is therefore the answer to the question. However this question in fact doesn’t arise: when we are knowingly the answer, all questions vanish.

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