Only the absolute understanding of what we are allows for relaxing to take place. Francis Answers - 30

Francis Lucille

Your site has been so nice to drop in on. Thank you.

I’ve been laying awake pondering, and it just occurred to me if I can never fully understand my true nature with mind, I can never understand events of the world and it’s peoples, whys and hows, since the world and mind and I are my true nature. It’s just one thing and nothing can be outside of it to understand. Would that be correct? Relaxing can take place?

All the best to you all.

It is correct as far as relative understanding is concerned.

There are two kinds of understanding: referred or relative understanding and absolute understanding. Referred understanding requires something outside that which is understood, whys and hows for instance, or an “understander”. This understanding is never complete, never fully satisfying. It addresses the question “how?” but leaves the questions “why?” and “what?” unanswered. It remains purely intellectual. An example of this type of understanding is: an object falls because there is a gravitational force between the mass of the earth and the mass of this object. This understanding is not trivial, because it enables us to calculate with precision the trajectories of falling objects. However the initial question (Why do objects fall?) has not been fully answered. It has simply been replaced by a new question: Why is there gravity?

Absolute understanding stands on its own, pristine, unshakable. For example the understanding that I am conscious is absolute. Absolute understanding is understanding in identity, for when it takes place, I am both that which understands and that which is understood, I am understanding itself. To put it in a nutshell, experience is its own meaning.

Only the absolute understanding of what we are allows for relaxing to take place.