How to change others - Francis Answers -33

Francis Lucille

I have been shown the truth of existence through a huge awakening, but it feels like this world “the dream”, is difficult to live. or shall I say my life I have created. I have been trying to wake up my partner but it is difficult. Any advice. Thanks

Dear Luke,

Don’t try. If they don’t ask about the truth, don’t tell. That should be your attitude towards anybody, and especially towards your partner. That which really matters is:

  1. what you know you are

  2. what you feel

  3. what you think

  4. what you do

and not what you say.

If you are knowingly infinite consciousness, or even if you are simply open to the possibility that you are unlimited, it will have a deep impact on how you feel, think, and act. Only that has the power, in due time, to change others.

Most affectionately,