What is the mind? - Francis Answers - 37

Francis Lucille

From the standpoint of Consciousness what is the mind? Does Consciousness witness it? It is the said to be the source of all-so did the mind spring forth from it?

Dear Anand,

First, let’s be clear about the words we use. I call consciousness, or awareness that, whatever that is, which is perceiving these words right now and understands them. To me, that is precisely the Anand I am speaking to.

The mind is made of whatever appears in consciousness objectively, that is of whatever appears in consciousness except consciousness itself.

It follows from this definition that consciousness is the witness of the mind.

Upon close scrutiny you will find out that consciousness exists both during the presence of the mind (as its witness) and in its absence (as the continuous background of all perceptions). The mind cannot exist without consciousness, but consciousness exists with and without the mind. It follows that consciousness is the reality of the experience we call “mind”. In others words, the mind springs forth from it.

It is obvious that consciousness is the reality and the substance of all your perceptions. Does that mean that it is the realty and the substance of all? Let’s investigate this: if it isn’t, it means that there is a greater reality which, being the reality of all, must also be the reality of consciousness. In that case, it means that consciousness is not the real perceiver or witness of the mind which contradicts our own experience, for our own experience tells us that I, consciouness, awareness, am really the one who perceives my thoughts, feelings and sense perceptions.

Warmest regards,