The “I AM” that is felt so easily and effortlessly, is that what the seeker is looking for? - Francis Answers - 56

Francis Lucille

Francis, The “I AM” that is felt so easily and effortlessly,

  1. is that what the seeker is looking for? Or is there something beyond the “I AM” that is operating?

  2. Also when the “I AM” is felt, is it the person that feels it, or is it the being, there is some confusion around this point in advaita circles,

  3. I know of masters who say it is impossible for the person to sense the “I AM”, if this is so, then who senses the “I AM”?

  4. Is there a conscious choice for the person to turn the attention to the “I AM” or is it not possible to choose the " I am“, its a very confusing concept for me,

thank you so much


Dear Lloyd,

  1. The seeker is looking for absolute peace and happiness, eternity, absolute intelligence, love and beauty. If the “I AM” that is felt so easily and effortlessly meets these criteria, then it is what the seeker is looking for.

  2. Only consciousness can know consciousness. That which is known by consciousness as an object cannot know consciousness. A thought doesn’t think, a perception doesn’t perceive, a feeling doesn’t feel.

  3. It is impossible for a limited person to perceive consciousness because a limited person is devoid of consciousness; it is a perceived object. Only consciousness perceives, therefore only consciousness can perceive consciousness.

  4. A limited person doesn’t create its own thoughts, therefore a limited person has no freedom, no choice. It simply has the illusory appearance of a limited freedom. Therefore the limited person doesn’t have the choice to focus on the “I am”, or on anything else for that matter. When this happens, it is always a decision of universal consciousness itself. The bad news is that the person cannot turn the attention to the “I am”. The good news is that you are not a person. Simply know that whenever you are turning the attention to the Self, it is in fact the Self which is turning its attention to you, to itself.