If I am aware of consciousness, doesn’t that make it an object? - Francis Answers - 71

Francis Lucille

First, is there any difference between awareness and consciousness? Second, there appears to be an experiencing here of “Consciousness.” If so, would that not make Consciousness an object? However, I know that there is no one to be aware of it , but am I aware of Consciousness as a concept, or as a direct experience? Could it be more accurate to say that actually Consciousness is aware of this illusion called Bob?

Dear Bob,

  1. I use awareness and consciousness as synonyms. In French, as in other latin languages, we only have the latin word “conscience”. My guess is that if there was a marked difference, we would have two words too.

  2. That would make consciousness an object only if the only mode of knowledge of consciousness was knowledge of objects. You have to be open to the possibility of different mode of knowledge, noumenal knowledge, through which consciousness knows itself. It is a direct, instantaneous apperception that transcends time. Unlike objective experience which leaves always a margin of doubt, noumenal knowledge gives us absolute certainty. We are absolutely certain to be conscious. This knowledge is acquired through direct experience, because only direct experience can give us such a certainty. You are certainly the one who is aware of this experience, and the seemingly limited body-mind called Bob appears in it. However, if what you call Bob is this consciousness, everything appears in it, including the body-mind you used to call Bob and which most other people keep calling Bob.