Is thinking an obstacle to Self realization? - Francis Comments - 1

Francis Lucille

Is thinking an obstacle to Self realization?

If thinking is useless in helping seekers on the path to the discovery of their true nature, it follows that the words/thoughts used by teachers in guiding them are equally useless. We would therefore expect the teachers who claim such a uselessness of mind to remain silent. They would be at least consistent with their own thoughts. Are they saying here that the words of Buddha, Ramana Maharshi, Ashtavakra, Jean Klein and many others were useless for taking their disciples to the Truth? Are they saying these sages didn’t know what they were doing?

“To think or not to think?” is not the question. “Does this thought originate from ignorance or from Presence?” is the relevant question here, for the thought that originates directly from the Absolute has the power to take us back to its source. Is higher reasoning -an expression coined by Atmananda, the only way, or even the most potent form of teaching? Of course not. But why exclude intelligence from the self realization process?