Now my life is the song I sing. Title: Alleluia. - Francis Answers - 72

Francis Lucille


I have had many moments of recognizing or noticing that the self exists in thoughts only or in “conclusions” about patterns of sensations or emotions over the years. But there is still a belief here that a sense of “identity” with Consciousness is the ultimate proof that a shift, or enlightenment, has taken place. I can recognize when there is identification with a ‘self’ easily. But I still believe that when the sense of being separate falls away there will be a “recognizing” oneness, or a “knowing” or “identification” with oneness instead of self. Can you confirm or respond to this? Thank you.

Dear Darcy,

The sense of and the belief in separation gradually fall away as a result of the inquiry into the nature of awareness, leading to the recognition of our eternity.

We cannot identify with that which we are, since we are it already, but we can de-identify from that which we are not. The moment that-which-we-are-not is totally welcomed, it is seen for what it is, a mere appearance in the infinite Presence which is our true Being. How can you recognize that the object you call “self’ is not you without somehow knowing what you are? You would be like someone claiming simultaneously that a musician has played a wrong note and that he doesn’t know the right note. If that were true, how could he know the musician played the wrong note? He may sincerely believe he doesn’t know the right note and may well be unable to sing it, but that doesn’t imply he doesn’t know it.

Self realization is the rediscovery of this “knowingness” of infinite Presence as the background of our perceptions and activities. It is a two step process:

  1. We see what we are not (discrimination using this knowingness, higher reasoning, higher sensing). It is like learning how to sing the right note while practicing for the live performance.

  2. We see what we are in its total freedom and immortality (glimpse of our true nature, pure knowingness ).

Now my life is the song I sing. Title: Alleluia.