You are the sweetness in all things - Guided meditation - 3

Francis Lucille

You Are the Sweetness in All Things

Francis Lucille

Temecula, California

August 21, 2003

Leave the world of objects alone.

Thoughts, perceptions, feelings, sensations—don’t interfere.  In the beginning all we can do is to notice that we constantly interfere.  The only way is to say “Yes” to the attraction that comes from the background, from the sweetness.

Simply be open to the possibility that what we like in anything is not the thing, but that in which the thing appears, of which it is an expression or an extension.  Open your grasping body, your grasping mind because the sweetness cannot be grasped by the body or by the mind.  The sweetness grasps itself when the body and the mind stop grasping.  Be in waiting without awaiting.

You are the love in everything you love.

You are the beauty in everything you behold.

You are the intelligence in everything you understand.

You are the sweetness in all things.

Just seek yourself as this sweetness.  Stay focused on the sweetness and don’t be attached to the things.  The things are the shell.  The sweetness is the pearl.

Don’t take what is being said as something that can be put to use later on as an interesting aphorism of wisdom.  This has to be tried and experienced in the moment, right now.  Don’t postpone.

We all have the experience of the sweetness.  The mind doesn’t know where it is. But because the sweetness knows itself, if we seek it and let go of all objects as they arise, then we will dive into it, merge with it, abide in it.

The reason why most people stay away from it is not because it is too complicated, but because it’s too simple.

Every cell, every organ in our body has been conditioned to seek happiness outside.  When we start seeking happiness in its pure form, the deconditioning begins.  It is not in the body, not in the mind, not in the world.

And if at some point waves of joy permeate your body, don’t stop there.  Keep your intention with the pure Presence.  Let the ocean of joy merge with this peace.  We are not interested in anything that comes and goes.  Don’t abide in things.  Abide in the sweetness of things.  Don’t try to hold things.  Hold the sweetness.

Find the sweetness of the thing which is currently present, which is currently offering itself.  You don’t need to bring up another thing.  You do not have to pronounce the mantra.  You can let the universe pronounce the mantra for you.  The mantra is the thing.  The resonance is the sweetness.

Just abide in the resonance of what is being said.


Francis Lucille