Could one possibly inspire his fellow man to share the same vision of Oness? - Francis Answers - 91

Francis Lucille

Dear Francis, I have come to realize that looking within & getting to know one-self is the interpersonnal relations. Could one, and if yes, how would one go about inviting/inspiring a greater number to “look within”? peace&tranquility.


(Francis asked for clarification)

Dear Francis,

Thank you for replying.

What I meant is knowledge of oneself the path to freedom from the obselete mindset (greed, selfishness ect)? if that is true could one possibly inspire his fellow man to share the same vision of Oness and Inclusionality, where all beeings are free of traits such as greed.

Kind regards


Dear Sam,

If one is free from sorrow, this freedom shares itself spontaneously without us having to even think about sharing it. But in this case, the question whether or not to share it or how doesn’t arise. As long as there is an individual “sharer”, happiness doesn’t share itself, because there is no happiness to share. In that sense, every enlightened being is a teacher, teaching without teaching, spontaneously.

Formal teachers are a different story. To sit on a platform in front of an audience of seekers requires, in addition to freedom from suffering, some God given talents, acquired skills and the deep enthusiasm of a vocation. If one of these four legs is missing, the teaching will be limping, and if the first of these legs is missing, it will be false, even if the words seem right. That is the reason why only a small number of enlightened beings become formal teachers and why, among the formal teachers, only a small proportion is truly free from death and suffering.

Two out of these four elements are birth gifts, the talent and the vocation. The other two, freedom itself and teaching skills can be acquired from satsang with the guru. If one sits for ten to twenty years at the feet of one’s guru, attending all of her meetings, getting liberated on the way, chances are the teaching skills will be there, having been gradually and effortlessly acquired over these years.

A very common obstacle encountered by truth seekers is a desire to teach before being really established in Presence. They see teaching as an interesting way to make a living, or, worse, to become famous, or to get approval from others. Those who are sincere and honest will be able to help seekers up to their level, but by doing so they will deprive themselves from the benefits of satsang with a truly liberated guru and postpone for themselves the enjoyment of the fruit of liberation.