On dissatisfaction - Francis Answers - 93

Francis Lucille

Dear Francis I then came across your videos on the internet some months ago and seeing you and hearing your words seemed to connect with something inside me. I had just left an advaita organisation that I had been with for many years. However, I seem to be stuck now. I can’t seem to do anything in relation to “spiritual endeavour” . Anything I start doing seems to be driven by a wish to be clean and happy and when I become aware of this I can’t continue. I have been waking in the morning with awareness of thoughts, and dissatisfaction follows. I am aware of the dissatisfaction and can’t do anything about it. I am aware of efforts to escape from it - trying to be indifferent, trying to observe what is going on, trying to stop trying. Previously, simple observation did seem to take place which resulted in clarity and release, but increasingly the dissatisfaction just goes on. Can you advise? Best regards Carlo

Dear Carlo,

The more you try to liberate yourself from the dissatisfaction, the more dissatisfied you get. The reason is that you are dissatisfied of your dissatisfaction, which only piles up one more element of dissatisfaction on top of the preexisting ones. Understand clearly that the origin of it is your sense of being a separate consciousness and try to find out from your own experience whether or not you are such a limited or separate awareness. In this way your focus will shift away from the problem (the dissatisfaction) towards the solution, the universal presence which we all are.