The Next Thought is God’s Thought - Guided Meditation -4

Francis Lucille

The Next Thought is God’s Thought

Francis Lucille

Temecula, California

April 1, 2006

There is only one Reality.

This means that that which is hearing these words and the words that are being heard, that which sees and that which is seen, that which thinks and the thought, are One.  The thinker and the thought, the seer and the seen, the hearer and the heard are names that refer to this one single Reality.

For this Reality there is no death and there are no problems.

The apparent problems are waves through which this Reality expresses itself and, in the same way, the solving of those problems are also waves through which this Reality enjoys itself.

Don’t simply hold this to be true as a concept, because no concept is true, but go beyond the concept.  Realize, or at least be open to the possibility, that it is true right now—-that which hears and that which is heard are One.

That which hears and that which speaks are One.  That which hears is hearing itself speaking to itself.

When you don’t fall prey to the belief in separation, you realize this has always been your experience.  There has never been ignorance.  It has always been this Reality loving itself, enjoying itself, celebrating itself.

The wave has no reality separate from the ocean.  Without the other waves next to it and without the depth of the ocean below it, the wave collapses.  A separate wave has never been found in nature.  It doesn’t exist.  If you think deeply about this, if it is true of the wave, it is true of everything.  All things are waves of this ocean.

These words are waves dancing on the surface of this ocean of Presence, which is hearing them and speaking them.  And all of your thoughts and feelings and sensations are also other waves of this same ocean.

Ask yourself the question, “If all is the same ocean, what is missing?”  Or even, “What could be missing?”

Discover your fullness, not the fullness of ignorance or the fullness of a fragment that wants to grow bigger and to have more, but the fullness of that which is One within itself, with nothing outside it and no things inside it.

One single Presence, one single Consciousness, one single Intelligence present to itself, perceiving itself, understanding itself—-in so many ways. Be open to this possibility and then see: “Gee, it’s going on right now!”

One eternal Being in constant renewal, always the same and never the same.

If you think about it, that’s the way we think about ourselves in ignorance.  On the one hand we think, “I’m always the same, Francis, John—whoever.”  But on the other hand, we think, “I’m ever changing, aging, changing minds, moving, changing shapes, changing conditions.”  Ever changing, never changing.

But this ‘ever changing, never changing’ understanding doesn’t apply to that which is limited, because that which is limited ever-changes but is not changeless.

Only the Totality is both changeless and ever changing.  So the part in us that we know never changes is the true part: the Consciousness, the I Am-ness, the Root, the Atman.  And that which ever-changes is also the true part, provided we don’t assign any limits to it, any contour.

So as your body appears in your meditation in the form of sensations or your mind in the form of thoughts, understand that the body and the mind are waves of this ocean and the thoughts and sensations and feelings are the wavelets, but beyond the waves there is the ocean.

So know that whatever is appearing in this moment in your body, in your mind is the face of God, the face of that one single Reality.

When you are simply open to that, all resistances go down the drain.  How could you oppose yourself?  How could you resist that which you are, when you understand you are pulling and pushing yourself at the same time?

And when this understanding happens, the mind flows, the body flows, the world flows.  We are atoned, at-one-ed.  We are One.

The next thought that comes is God’s thought.

The next feeling is God’s feeling.

It is God feeling itself through that feeling, thinking itself through that thought, present to itself through that Presence.

Our only problem is that we were expecting God’s experience to be different!  It is our projection of what it ought to be that prevents us from experiencing it as it is at every moment.

As long as we are expecting, we are not in line with our understanding.  We are still a fragment seeking completion.  Even if we are expecting something spiritual, the problem is that even spiritual expectations are not spiritual at all.

Know that everything that is appearing is fine.  “All is well and unfolding as it should,” as Robert Adams used to say.

All is well and unfolding as it should right now.

Regarding your body and the experience of the body, see that you are not just that which is appearing as your body.  You are that which appears, you are that to which it appears and you are all the rest at every moment.

Francis Lucille