What is your core teaching? - Francis Answers - 97

Francis Lucille

What is your core teaching? I am right now seeing glimpses of witnessing. I guess my ego is still lurking behind the witnessing state. How can the witnessing state gets transcended? (I know how implies a method, and back again in the mind ..). Appreciate any help in understanding. Many Regards, Arun.

Dear Arun,

The core teaching is that there is only one Reality, Brahman. Therefore, the reality of that which we are, Atman, the Witness, consciousness, and that one Reality are the same. To put it in a nutshell: ATMAN=BRAHMAN. It follows that our true self is infinite, eternal, and shared by all beings.

To realize this, the Advaitic tradition suggests an investigative approach: to find the evidence, if any, and on all levels, body, senses, and mind, that the witness is limited, personal, mortal, etc… It will turn out that there is no such evidence, which will leave us open to the possibility that there is only one reality. As we conduct experiments about this possibility in our daily lives, the certainty will emerge that it is so.

The assistance of a well qualified instructor is required in most cases, otherwise the truth seeker may remain stuck on a level which falls short from revealing the full fragrance of the experience of oneness.