Is awakening possible while taking medication? - Francis Answers - 98

Francis Lucille

Have you had any experience with individuals who have “awakened” while taking medication, and does “self-realization” generally result in resolution of emotional difficulties?

Dear Don,

The answer to both questions is “yes”.

The experience of our true nature erases in due time the belief in a separate “me”. All the suffering attached to this belief dissolves with it.

Regarding taking medication, one has to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages through one’s own experience and make an educated decision. It is not for the physician to make the decision, nor for a spiritual teacher, but for you. They can both help you in the decision making process, but if they want to decide for you, my advice is to consult with another physician and/or spiritual teacher. These are practical matters, for which one should use reason and experience as a guide.

Warmest regards,