God’s Giggle - Francis Answers - 99

Francis Lucille

Hello Francis: I am looking for direct experience now. I love someone, now he is gone overseas for four months. The love which comes through me, for him, is no different than loving “God.” How do I access that love for “me” to be that love and live that love every day? I mainly seem to be aware of it when directly, “in love” in his presence. I am not where you are Francis, yet, regarding projections, and my mind requires understanding, especially the subconscious, which is often disturbed, especially at night. Thank you. Patricia.

Dear Patricia,

That which we really love is the same Presence in all beings. It seems to reveal itself in some beings, and to remain hidden in others. But if we know it is there in hiding in all beings, it will reveal itself in all. Remember, when you were playing hide and seek as a child, and you knew in which closet your companion was hiding, you would get close to the place and, without opening the door, you would say “I know you are heeere!” Then you would hear your little friend giggling inside - He couldn’t resist, knowing he had been found.

Make God giggle from inside all closets!