Spiritual sandpaper - Francis Answers - 101

Francis Lucille

Location: uk

Dear Francis, I was on the progressive path for many years untill discovering finally this more direct and simple and obvious way, but I have a lot of conditioning from the progressive path and just human conditioning, about being nice etc etc…. Do you have any advice on finding the balance, I seem to become withdrawn a lot when there are challenges with my close family and it is sometimes hard to relax with just being grumpy, sometimes its fine and I dont mind, its even quite funny, but sometimes I get caugh especially when there is a lot of negative feedback. Thanks, Louise

Dear Louise,

The balance will find itself in due time provided you keep your eyes on the prize, consciousness. Other people are opportunities that Grace has placed on our path to make us grow in wisdom. They are the grains of sand on the sandpaper that polishes us and gives us the shine of eternity. The more advanced the work of the Polisher, the tinier the grains. Close family members often belong to the coarse category.