Simultaneity and awareness - Francis Answers - 103

Francis Lucille

Location: New York

Dear Francis, I am awareness and all the sensing and thinking is myself through the objects defined as this mind and this body (at least from my understanding from Atma Darshan of Shree Khrishna Menon). The awareness that is reading now these words is aware of something else than the awareness that is writing them now? Or is the Francis Lucille just a mentation in the awareness that is writing this email and any reply to it is born from the same awareness that wrote them in this text box now? Thank you for your kindness, Dorina

Dear Dorina,

You would agree, I suppose, that it is the same awareness that was writing the question then and that is reading this answer now. Just as it is the same awareness then and now, it is the same awareness here and there, aware of Dorina’s mind here and of Francis’ mind there. However, there is in fact no here nor there, since the here and there don’t belong to that which is aware, but rather to that which is perceived by that which is aware. For a similar reason there is no then nor now, since the then and now belong to that which is perceived. Regarding that which perceives, there is only here and now.

Going back to your question, you are offering two possibilities. The latter should be excluded as pure solipsism, and the former should be amended as follows: the awareness that is reading these words now is aware of everything.