How do I get what you have got? - Francis Answers - 113

Francis Lucille

Location: Sydney, Australia

Can you explain to me how you know this is all an illusion, how we arrived at being a human being and then told it is an illusion, that our ego’s are an illusion, that we are not the body or the mind, that I am that? And what is ‘that’ and how do you know that is that? If consciousness is all there is, how do you know that? Stephen Wolinsky says the only reason we believe we are here is because we have a brain and a nervous system that buys into the senses, how do you know that? Why do you feel the way you do and I don’t, and how do I get what you’ve got? Don’t tell me I already have it, because presently I don’t feel it and don’t know what you are talking about? Please explain!!! Thank you from a very long term seeker.

Dear Fiona,

Your problem is not what you don’t know, but what you believe to know. How do you know you are a human being, a body - mind? How do you know there is something else than consciousness, since everything you know appears in consciousness? You’ll get what I have got and feel the way I feel by getting rid of your unnecessary and unsupported beliefs, not by acquiring new beliefs.