Is the tendency for human society to be idea imperialistic justified? - Francis Answers - 119

Francis Lucille

Location: Ballarat, Australia

I have been thinking a lot lately about the nature of reality and the implications on every day societal interactions. I am always intrigued by our conformist nature, our desire to fit in and the levels to which this is taken, especially in modern day western society. It’s not fitting in or conformism I am questioning, because I don’t neccessarily think that wanting to be like those you idolize for traits you love is a bad thing. What I am questioning is the out of control egotism and abuse of the human desire for community. I believe that we do create our own realities individually and collectively, but I am curious to know what you think about the tendency for human society to be idea imperialistic, to try to control other’s realities to suit their own the best. Do we NEED to live in a certain way if it displeases us, just for material gains and to make sure we’re doing what’s been STOMPED into us as the right thing? How do we escape to happiness and fulfillment?

Dear Nick,

As human beings, we are all beautifully different. The more we liberate ourselves from the belief that we, consciousness, are a this separate human body-mind, the more its specific qualities blossom. The perfect human community is not made of identical soldiers, wearing the same uniform, saluting everything that moves, but of free spirits, happy, artistic, creative, non judgmental, diverse, like the flowers on the meadow.