Can you reveal the way to go deeper? - Francis Answers - 120

Francis Lucille

Location: Bucharest, Romania

Dear Francis, I have sent you a letter a few weeks ago. I did not receive an answer to it yet, but since this is a continuation of that first letter, if you ever get around to it, I will be content if you just answer to this letter. In your book you say: “The world does not exist as an object that is separate or distinct from awareness.” Can you please help me see if the understanding (experience) I wrote bellow is pointing to the right direction? And whether it is or not, can you point me the way to go deeper? -Whatever I see or experience is an expression of my senses. The limited ability of my senses allows me to see or create a certain world—a chair, a tree, a planet, a person, me, my problems, etc. (as a very small example, I imagine that if we were all blind the world we will experience will be a very different world than the one we experience now.) Because most people have similar senses, ‘out of common agreement’, a world has been created. Then, awareness is what allows any construction of any world at all—no awareness, no world. First comes awareness—whatever that is (in my limited perceived world it is the naked sense of I’M) and then the construction begin. – Thank you very much, Carlos

Dear Carlos,

You are trying to build an intellectual model or interpretation of reality, and such a model will always be only a set of concepts. However a concept doesn’t perceive, think, create, decide, understand, love, experience or act. I am not saying that you are on the wrong path, for you can replace an erroneous model with a more accurate model, and that is a good thing, but at the end of the day no concept will deliver the peace and happiness you seek. Be open to the very simple possibility that this ordinary awareness which is understanding these words right now is in fact infinite and immortal. Be nothing else than that which you directly know to be.