A follow up on Question 111 - Francis Answers - 122

Francis Lucille

Dear Francis:

My question is whether the natural body and what is superimposed on it, leading to error of perception, are both illusions from the perspective of consciousness, given that what is superimposed is a vritti (as an imagination, a thought, would be, would it not?), but that, at the same time, the reality of it (the vritti) and of the physical world (the natural object that undergoes the superimposition by the mind) is consciousness - would you not say this? The subject matter, and the answer you gave to Q. 111, would then be the same or closely related.


Yes, dear Alberto, I think you are getting it. Just to make sure: it doesn’t matter whether or not the “external” world “really” has its existence within or without the mind, because from the vantage point of the TV set of consciousness-reality both mind and world are only images appearing on the screen. It is impossible for an illusion (the world) to “really” appear within or without another illusion (the mind). The question vanishes as meaningless.