How can we be more present to Life? - Francis Answers - 129

Francis Lucille

Location: Bogota, Colombia

I am aware of mind activity; random thoughts: images and sounds, or a song playing in my head. When I observe this, I have a few interpretations: the mind creates a sense of separation: when the mind is happening (thought running or a song playing) it seems that this creates a private space that can’t be shared directly with anyone else; I am the only one that “hears” the song that is sounding in my head. It is as if the activity of the mind serves the purpose of making me abandon the present moment, making me disconnect from life, from reality, and withdrawing to this private psychic space. It seems as if the energy that could be the energy of my open and available presence, get’s directed to the mind and creates this mental activity (the sounds, thoughts or song playing), this inner compartment were my attention goes, and it is as if I was hiding or taking shelter from the world, by existing more in this created compartment (the mental activity) and less in connection with the world. Are these observations and interpretations accurate? If I want to exist less in the isolated inner space that the mind seems to be, and more in direct relationship to the present, open and connected to reality…. what can I do?? (there seems to be a very subtle and powerful inertia for attention to go to the random mental processes instead of remaining open in the Now).

Dear Alfonso,

The private space you are alluding to has also its beauty. It is where music gets composed, positive feelings appear, Truth gets investigated. In other words it is also the doorway to beauty, love and intelligence. Symmetrically, the public space has its shortcomings too: ugliness, ignorance and agression are found almost everywhere. Therefore it is not a suitable path to happiness to try to live exclusively in the public area. Try instead to live from the Self and for the Self in both spaces. While in the private space, think and feel only from truth, love, and beauty. While in the public space, perceive and act only from that same place.

Then you will know its name: Heaven, your true home.

With all my love,