What made you to preach this ancient vedic Advaita? - Francis Answers - 131

Francis Lucille

Location: Dubai

I understand that you had the opportunity to meet sages in India. How was your experience and what made you to preach this ancient old vedic advaita. Rgds Ram

Dear Ram,

This body called Francis never went to India. It met in France another body called Jean Klein who went to India and studied with sages there.

My experience was and is and will be that our ordinary consciousness, the one that is perceiving these words right now, this Atman, is in fact the universal and eternal Brahman.

I don’t preach, I merely listen to questions, and then I listen to the answer within. On rare occasions, answers or actions arise without a question or a demand. This body is just an instrument. What made me do so in the beginning were questions from seekers like you. Now I travel and do things such as writing on the Internet, having a Facebook profile, etc… because it is my experience that some people like it and I want to please them. Nobody is forced to listen. I am like a bird singing his tune on his branch. He doesn’t care whether nobody listens, or a few, or all the beings in the forest. He sings because he is happy and singing makes him even happier. If he notices that some are trying to listen and have a hard time doing so because of the distance, he flies to a tree closer to them and sings louder to oblige. Not having wings, I fly using airplanes and sing louder using the Web.

Thank you for listening,