Follow up on Q. 131 - Francis Answers - 132

Francis Lucille

Dear Formless,

Is the seeker separate from the sought!

Is there a experiencer separate from the experienced!

Is there a listener without listening

Is there an action without knowledge

I there a knowledge without the knower

Is there a creation without the creator

Everything presupposes knowledge (consciousness-limitless) infinite and that knowlege is eternal and all pervading including this Jagat and Jagat is not separate from ISWARA. This Body is all Pervasive and my finger is not separate from my Body. The Knowledge I am is pure conscious being and I am also the BODY.

Mere theortical understanding I am not the BODY and I am not the MIND is only for the MIND but understanding through the INSIGHT one sees the TRUTH without the SEER that is silence and not singing on the web or flying on the flight. Formless can never fly because it is all pervading. If the formless flies there must be limitation in space but space is itself limitless and absolute. Everything is formless existence and hence there is no seeker, no listener, no preacher, no singer, no passenger,



Dear Ram,

A western bird sings an Indian song. Why should an Indian bird feel offended, since the same Formless sings everywhere, in all the birds. You are telling me there are no birds. True. I am not a bird, but I am also a bird, therefore I’ll keep singing. Thank you for the music lesson. I didn’t ask for one, but since you, dear Ram, asked a question, here is my advice: do not preach, just answer, if there are questions.