Passivity and non-duality - Francis Answers - 135

Francis Lucille

Location: Cape Coral, FL

Do you think a non-dualistic view of the world leads the individual to passivity in the face of the world’s suffering?

Dear Lorenzo,

A non-dualistic view of the world may well lead to systematic passivity in the face of the world’s suffering if it is just that, a mere theoretical interpretation of the world. In this case there will often be a conflict between love and reason. A non-dualistic experience of the world will lead to the proper action, compassionate, practical, non judgmental, or to the proper passivity, depending upon the circumstances. The absence of conflict between love and intelligence is the benchmark of proper, impersonal action. Sometimes reason is too harsh and love wins, sometimes love is too weak and reason wins. It doesn’t matter which one wins, provided they both agree.