On food addiction - Francis Answers - 139

Francis Lucille

Location: New Jersey, USA

Dear Francis, I recently discovered your site after many years of seeking. Some kind of understanding about the nature of things has occurred, certainly in the realm of thought but also sometimes experientially. The abiding with this nature of things is mostly erratic. One thought that drags me into the mire is an emotional addiction involving food and excessive eating. I am working with a social worker around the emotional issues but there is this thought that if I would come upon a greater understanding/abidance with reality, this addiction would be less of a struggle. Then I ask, “who is it that wants/feels this way?” And that feels like the right way to go there, but it still feels like there’s some kind of crazy loop that I’m getting hung up on. I would so much appreciate any words of advice. Thanking you for all is given on this site, Albert

Dear Albert,

Do you want freedom and happiness or do you want to eat less? You cannot use your understanding of the Truth as a gimmick to cure you from your addiction to food, because doing so you perpetuate and reinforce ignorance, the belief that there is an addict. Furthermore, ignorance happens to be the source of all addictions. The way out of this predicament is a genuine interest in your own self, in the consciousness who is aware of your thoughts, feelings and perceptions. Let this interest become the sweetest addiction. Don’t worry about the rest, it will be taken care of.