How does one slip past dualism, at last? - Francis Answers - 140

Francis Lucille

Location: Brooklyn, NY

How do “I” slip past Awareness as an object of thought to Awareness Alive and Subjective? I know that “I” can do nothing. I know that Awareness cannot be attained because It already is. Is it ego to practice being Awareness? Ego does not exist either. I feel that I am at “the gateless gate”. How does one slip past it, past dualism, at last?

Dear Daniel,

That which is perceiving these words right now is awareness alive and subjective. It is ignorance to practice being what we already are, and it is also ignorance to believe that this alive and subjective awareness that we are is limited in time and space. Whenever we are not subjected to this belief there is nothing to do, but whenever we believe to be a separate entity, a separate doer, thinker, decider, perceiver, we can investigate the evidence, if any, that supports this belief. That will take us past dualism, for the time being, and leave us in welcoming, our natural state. We have to resume this investigation on all levels every time we relapse into ignorance until we abide past dualism, at last.