What happens when we die? - Francis Answers - 142

Francis Lucille

Location: uk

Having experienced an expansion of the heart and grief from the loss of my 25 year old son, I would like to know your thoughts on what happens when the physical body falls away; do we retain any of the personality we had, memories, emotions, love? While I guess much of this has to do with the mind, I would like to know what happens.

Dear Tracey,

Your first question (do we retain any of the personality we had?) implicitly assumes that there was a separate entity endowed with a personality, which, after the death of the body, could retain the subtle yet objective elements of this personality. In fact there is only one single universal entity that creates, retains and destroys, becoming that which it creates, remaining as that which it retains, returning to that which it always was at the time of destruction. Where does the water go when the wave breaks at the shore?

Your second question (what happens?) can be subdivided as follows:

  1. What happens to consciousness?

That which is not in time or space: love, happiness, intelligence, beauty, peace, eternity.

  1. What happens in consciousness?

Time, space, and everything in it.