Is ignorance of our true nature a personal choice? - Francis Answers - 143

Francis Lucille

Dear Francis,

If it’s true that everyone has had an experience of awakening, though some of chosen to ignore it, then there is no excuse for ignorance (?) Please comment. Thank you.

Dear Lois,

What do we mean by “everyone”?

If we mean that there is a multiplicity of body-minds that have had an experience of awakening, and that some have chosen to ignore it, this cannot be true, for awakening is not experienced by a limited body-mind. Therefore, if we mean that ignorance is a choice made by an individual, this cannot be true either. It follows that there is no individual “guilty” of ignorance.

If we mean by “everyone” the consciousness that we all are, then it is true that this Presence knows itself and chooses to temporarily ignore itself by playing the game of ignorance. This Presence is fully responsible for everything that happens, including ignorance. However, since there is nothing else than this Presence, there is nobody else to whom anything could happen. Everything happens in this Presence, but nothing happens to it.