All things in the universe are expressions of Brahman, including consciousness - Francis Answers - 149

Francis Lucille

Location: Philadelphia, PA

I “think” of Brahman as equivalent to a unified field of energy. That is, that all things in the universe are expressions of it, including consciousness. We, as sentient beings, have the “gift” of witnessing it and as such are Natures most forward expression of knowing itself. The more we pull away the separative fog of ego, the less conflict and more peace we shall live. Is my thinking in line with traditional Advaita philosophy and do you see any falseness in where I’m pointing.

Dear Paul,

You are not quite in line with it because you see “us”, sentient beings, as the witnesses of the Universe and of consciousness. This is not in line with your experience which is just the opposite: consciousness is the witnessing reality, not the witnessed appearance. It may be that you and I have different definitions of consciousness, so let’s clarify it. In my book, real consciousness is that, whatever that is, which is really aware of these words right now. It is the reality that truly perceives them, and it is by the same token the real “I” or self. For instance, we cannot say that the eyes or the brain truly perceive these words, for these organs, made of particles/waves are simply manifestations of a deeper underlying reality that interconnects them through the laws of Physics, and, through the same laws, connects them with all the other wave packets in this universe. This ultimate reality is not limited to or by the skull or the skin. It is in fact non-local. It is the reality of the body (the body which allegedly perceives), and therefore it is that which really and truly perceives, consciousness, our real Self (according to my definition). Now, if you were to disagree with my definition of consciousness, you can satisfy yourself that this wouldn’t make a real difference, since our disagreement would simply be a semantic one, and I don’t mind your using another word of your choosing to refer to the reality I call consciousness or Self.

When you say that “We, as sentient beings, have the”gift" of witnessing it and as such are Nature’s most forward expression of knowing itself“, you seem to take a risky leap; Nature is vast and full of surprises, and to make this statement would require an extensive knowledge of its breadth and depth, of the most distant galaxies, and possibly of many other universes, and possibly many other non quadridimensional realms. Unfortunately, our knowledge of it is limited and anthropocentric. To see sentient beings and men among them as the”kings of the universe" may be a little premature. Who knows what is God’s most forward expression of knowing herself?

Finally, you are right when you say that “The more we pull away the separative fog of ego, the less conflict and more peace we shall live”. I would simply use the expression “ignorance of our real Self” instead of the fuzzier word “ego”.