Do we really have no control over anything? - Francis Answers - 154

Francis Lucille

Location: Maine, USA

Dear Francis, Why does Presence choose “to temporarily ignore itself by playing the game of ignorance”? Do we really have no control over anything? Blessings to all, Sattva

Dear Sattva,

Why do we enjoy watching movies or listening to music? Sharing tender words and gestures? Telling jokes? Should there be a narrow, rational or utilitarian explanation for everything we do?

Regarding your second question, the separate “I” who has allegedly control over over our thoughts and over our actions is an imagined entity devoid of any real existence. A few moments of introspection should suffice to get you convinced of the fact that this limited “I” doesn’t control your thoughts because, if this were true, it could conveniently choose to have only happy, beautiful thoughts. That leaves open the question “In this case what am I, for I know I am?” The only satisfactory answer to this question, at least at the intellectual level, is that this “awaring I” must be universal. No matter how strange it may seem at first sight, as we reflect upon this, it becomes gradually clear that the reality that creates our thoughts, moves them and is aware of them and the reality that creates and moves this universe are the same reality. This understanding in turn brings about a shift in our existential experience. As individuals, we don’t live, we are lived. As this Presence, we are Life itself. Do we really have control over anything? No and YES.