Two kinds of seeking - Francis Answers -157

Francis Lucille

Location: Ojai, California

Dear Francis, First, thank you for taking the time and care to answer questions. It is a wonderful gift. I have been seeking for many years. And my question is about seeking: doesn’t seeking perpetuate division, the belief in a separate self? I feel incomplete, un-whole. So, I begin seeking wholeness. I am here. And wholeness or liberation are ‘out there’–in the future. It seems to me that liberation is either now or not at all and that seeking prevents the result I am trying to achieve. Yet I cannot deliberately cease from seeking. Trying to stop seeking would simply be a different flavor of activity by a separate self. So, it seems that I am well and truly caught on an exhausting treadmill that goes absolutely nowhere. Thank you in advance for any comment you care to make. Namaste, Ronald

Dear Ronald,

There are two types of seeking: seeking what is, and seeking what will be, what ought to be. The latter leads nowhere, the former ends with the experience of our true nature.