Follow up on Q. 159 - Francis Answers - 160

Francis Lucille

When the goal, happiness, is lost sight of, there is practice, work, “staying with”, “noticing”. Not a bad thing, for it eventually will restore the perfume of Presence, happiness. I sometimes give this advice to one who still believes to be a doer.

But this may take time, whereas the perfume is right here already, in the very desire of the moment, as its source. If at a certain moment I am not motivated to find the truth, but to watch a movie with friends, should I stay home and notice that thoughts arise and fade away, or should I join my friends at the theater? My advice is: stick to your happiness, your enthusiasm, your freedom, knowing that your happiness is not in the movie, but in your freedom itself. Follow your bliss and not the preacher who tells you to stay in his tiny church, for your church is bigger than this universe, and all the movie theaters are in it.

Your primary duty is to be happy, not to work in order to be happy.