Is intellectual knowledge necessary to experience our true nature? - Francis Answers - 161

Francis Lucille

Location: La Jolla CA


dear Francis… thank you for your graciousness to answer any odd ball question, as I have seen on your website. Therein lies my question. I have been somewhat upset after reading some questions and answers. My true experiences of freedom are, of course, utterly simple, devoid of any knowledge about the intricacies of consciousness, awareness, etc. And in my life search for union, to meet the other, and lose the apparent separation, I have ‘looked’ for that state in others. Indeed, I have felt the absence of knowledge about spirituality in fact IS the space that allows for the knowing to enter. I have found it important not to encourage the mind from describing everything at any old time it wants. And it seems, the more knowledge it has, the more it wants to expound. Something I believe Alan Watts called “spiritual materialism.” I believe I was born ‘knowing’ that money is an empty bowl, and I guess I would say now, that ‘knowledge’ is also. I have advised people that in the end, you must let go of all your knowledge. And though I believe every direction leads to freedom, and to be free in the moment does not require a trudge back, but can be the flip of the coin, nevertheless I must say that acquiring knowledge about the spiritual seems to me to be the most difficult path of all. Being a cruel murderer seems a much more efficient path. Perhaps your meditation is so profound, that it overwhelms your knowledge. Or one could say, your left brain does not run rampant. You are the master of your mind, as it should be. But, I believe, not so for some questioners. In evidence, such intellectual questions about awareness and consciousness even after sitting for an hour of meditation. So, my question: why do you indulge such questions? I have only read very little that you have presented. Knowledge may not be your emphasis. But I feel that it is ‘contra-indicated’ at any time for most. I have visited you once, some time ago. What I remember most, besides sitting in meditation beyond what was comfortable for me, was your graciousness and equality in your kitchen after. You stand at the same level floor as myself and all others, as it truly is. I honor you for that and all that you bring. Thank you for sharing yourself and, for this concern, any further clarity. yours, Jimmy

Dear Jimmy,

In your question, you just expressed your concern about what you feel are intellectual questions and answers. Different seekers have different questions. It is important for them to have them answered, as I hope it is important for you to receive an answer to yours.

Freedom is utterly simple, true. But the road leading to it is meandering and bumpy due to our attachment to belief systems and feeling patterns. Why be attached to the belief that intelligence has no role to play in the discovery of our true nature? Understanding is always simple, once we understand. It dissolves the false knowledge we had about spirituality, the one we had acquired from hearsay, reading Alan Watts and others. You see, I agree wholeheartedly when you say that “acquiring knowledge about the spiritual seems to me to be the most difficult path of all”. In fact the path is just the opposite: letting go of all the knowledge we have about the path and about ourselves.

Sometimes many words are required to reach the silence that lies beyond them.