Follow up on Q.167 - Francis Answers - 168

Francis Lucille

Location: Sweeden

I had been thinking about something similar, that is, if one does not achieve liberation during the “life” of the body, does it automatically occur upon death of the body and mind (brain). You answered the latest inquiry by saying: “death doesn’t imply liberation” and “the letting go of the body in death presents an opportunity for the realization of our true self”

That being said, if liberation upon death is not a given and upon death the opportunity for realization of one’s true self is not taken (you imply this possibility), what happens? Does the soul continue in ignorance, believing itself to be reincarnated, so to speak, into another existence (another role in yet another play)? Does the illusion continue beyond the death of the body and brain for the unrealized “person”?

Respectfully, Karen

Dear Karen,

For ignorance to continue, there has to be an object with which consciousness keeps identifying. This object is a continuation of mind. This possibility is rejected by the religion of materialism, for which matter is the ultimate reality, which implies that the end of the brain is the end of the mind. With the understanding that universal consciousness is the ultimate reality of both mind and matter, the continued existence of a limited mind after the death of the body remains a possibility, but not a necessity, just as the identification of consciousness with such a limited mind remains possible, but not necessary. Similarly, this limited mind may get reincarnated in a brand new body, or may not. As you can see, there are many possibilities open to consciousness to keep playing this game, or put an end to it. In Her infinite freedom and creativity, She tends to try them all. After all, why should She keep wearing the same shoes every day, having so many beautiful ones in Her heavenly closets? In the many-worlds interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, every time a measurement (observation) is made on the Universe, it branches out into as many subuniverses as there are possible outcomes for this observation. This could be understood as Nature wearing all of her shoes at once. As Jesus said, there are many rooms in our Father’s mansion. Love, Francis