What is the difference between the waking state and the dream state?- Francis Answers - 171

Francis Lucille

Dear Francis, I have been listening to your satsangs and am quite happy to be in contact with you. I read quite a lot of Sri Ramanamaharshi’s works. I have one question that has been bothering me lately. Hope you can take some time to answer.

I understand that my life if an extended dream. But one thing that I am trying to understand is that my dreams always consists of the same or similar surroundings. ( same faces, same workplace etc ). Where as my night dream consisits of lot of variation. Is there any explanation for this or should I even bother about these at all?

Thanks a lot for your time,

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Dear Sridevi,

the world is like a dream in that sense that it doesn’t exist independently from consciousness. However, it is not like a dream in that sense that it does exist independently from any individual mind.