On Politics - Francis Answers - 176

Francis Lucille

Hello Francis,

Where should one stand on political issues?

I’m from Toronto Canada, and they’re holding the G20 summit here; there is so much talk about it. It’s pretty scary at times. Both sides are getting armed. When I watch the news reports you can see the hostility beneath all the propriety. The counter cultural side even uses words like: Press for Truth. They talk about educating police, and awakening them to the truth. But to me, that’s not the truth at all, it’s their version of the truth. When you watch the mainstream media it’s the total opposite; it’s the counter cultural side that needs to be educated. Does one have to take a side and make a stand?


Dear Nicholas, This is a very tough question. In our decisions, we should always follow intelligence, love and beauty. There is usually very little of it in political activism on all sides. Don’t hesitate to change your mind as required by these three masters and by ever evolving circumstances. Listen to the opposing views and see the positive elements in them. Most people agree on the goal of politics: for all people to live happily, at peace, in health, freedom, and abundance. They only differ on the means and are often ready to kill each other because of their divergent opinions. The means to achieve this goal are in part practical (freedom, health, and abundance) and in part spiritual (happiness and peace). There is a lot of confusion out there, the belief that happiness can be achieved through practical means. On the other hand the spiritual (the three masters) must always guide us in the choice of these practical means. Love, Francis