How does “being it” fully flower into the experience of Ultimate Reality? - Francis Answers - 179

Francis Lucille

Francis, To quote Ramesh Balsekar " Seeing it is none other than being it“. My question: How does”Being It" fully flower into the experience of oneself as the ULTIMATE non-dual Consciousness? It feels so common place “so ordinary” How does it unfold in the body-mind vehicle? How did it happen for you?? i realise that each individual b0dy-mind mechanism is a unique expression of consciousness and unfolds accordingly but is there any general progression?? Is being present in the conscious waking state enough?? How do the higher steps of Patanjali’s Yoga fit in here? ( e.g. pratyahara, dharana, dhyana ). Currently my non-effort of Beingness is only in my full conscious waking state allowing consciousness to move as it will. thank you, Francis

Dear Rochelle,

It’s all about giving up our belief systems and our resistances. Years of practice cannot make it happen, one single moment of total letting go will.

You can visit my website to have the answer to your question about how it happened in my case:

That was not the end of my sadhana, but the very beginning of my new life as a free being. As a result, and with the help of my teacher, Jean Klein, the peace of the background of Presence gradually permeated all realms of my phenomenal experience.

The only practice I would recommend is welcoming, or releasing. The release of belief systems related to ignorance is experienced as deep understanding. The release of resistances and contractions at the feeling level is experienced as liberation from a burden and relaxation.

The prerequisite for this final liberation is an overwhelming desire for the truth. We often overestimate our desire. If it was as strong as we believe it to be, we would instantaneously awaken. Here is an example: often people tell me that they have a strong desire, that I am the teacher they feel the most attracted to, but that unfortunately they have no time to visit, or that they are afraid of flying, or that they have spent their money buying a new house and cannot pay for their travel expenses, etc. We fail to face the fact that our desire is simply not as strong as we believe it to be. To see the facts without distortion is the first step to welcoming.

This desire will grow at its own pace. It is already in us. When our quest for the Truth TRULY becomes our priority, liberation is around the corner.

With Love,