Francis Answers - 188 - What is the next step to being your student?

Francis Lucille

Name: josephine

Location: Holland

Dear Francis, When i listened to your video’s i recognized the same deep silence beneath your words, what you call Presence, also when i heard you play the flute so purely on a video i felt a deep resonance and recognition. A week or so ago, mind was quiet and with inquiry a vortex of love, beauty and truth started to pull me in, unfortunately mind became active because it knew this was going to mean its death. So attention was pulled back into the body/mind. Strange to me was, the vortex seem to contain your essence somehow. As if self was using your form to bring it self home. My question is the following, what is the next step to being your student? I have limited funds to travel but a deep longing for guidance. Being in Satsang with you and being in your Presence is also something i long for but is it also necessary and how do we/you do it? In our time it is almost impossible to spend years in close contact with a teacher the way it used to be. Thank you for your answer.

Dear Josephine,

Being with the guru in your heart is more important than being in the presence of a teacher. However, if your heart tells you to be with a teacher, do your best and let the universe do the rest. It is not more difficult in our days than it used to be in 10th century China. The obstacles (money, time, distance, etc) are only Maya. When the desire is strong, they evaporate. Regarding he experience you described, it was begging you to let go, to let yourself be pulled in. You will be invited again, perhaps in a different context. In fact, the invitation to let go is always present in some form. If we RSVP to it, we will be pulled in again. The ball is always in our court.

With Love,