Francis Answers - 193 - Should I mind my own business or keep trying changing the views of narrow minded people?

Francis Lucille


I daily deal with people full of hate for anyone that is not the same color or religion as them. Most of these people are set in their ways and have a do not bother me with the facts attitude, my mind is made up. I have tried to get some people to look past their narrow view of the world but with little success. As an individual, should I mind my own business or keep trying?

Dear Tom,

The short answer is: mind your own business. The truth cannot be imposed upon those who are not open to it. Don’t answer questions that are not put to you. You don’t have to save the world. The true seeing is Robert Adam’s seeing: all is well and unfolding as it should. Their desire to stick to their narrow view originates from their freedom which is also our freedom. We have to respect it, although we may silently and respectfully disagree with their view. Your silence and your deeds will be more intriguing and challenging to them than your words. They can close their ears to your words, but they cannot close their eyes to your actions or their hearts to your benevolent presence. At some point they will come to you. What you do then, or don’t do, or say that comes from your Presence will have the power to open their eyes, a little bit at least.