Francis Answers - 203 - Is a guru necessary?

Francis Lucille

Name: Bhasha

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Dear Francis, I really ask myself this question: Don’t you perpetuate of looking for realisation, enlightenment, truth, love - in the future, when you suggest that a guru is needed to realize one Self? Is it not only possible right here right now? I love your expression of truth and thought I needed to meet you, but is that so? Loving you Bhasha

Dear Basha,

Liberation is possible right here, right now. Our true nature is not hidden, it is the infinite Presence to which these words are appearing in this very moment. You are That.

The human guru is plan Nr 2, just in case plan Nr 1 didn’t work, which is often the case. Isn’t it nice to have a second chance?

With Love,