Francis Answers - 204 - I would like to receive a new name from my guru.?

Francis Lucille

Location: italy

Dear Francis, in my heart I know that any name is but a concept. So my first name, Viola, is also a concept that my parents passed on to me out of their mind.I know my first name is just a name for my social identity, which I didn’t even choose myself, so it is not even my concept! Yet, paradoxically, I would like to receive a new name from my guru, just to remind me and others fo my true nature my impersonal nature Absolute Consciousness. Of course this is an ego’s desire but nevertheless I feel it could help to be who I truly am and to communicate with others on the personality level about our common true impersonal Self. What isyour feeling about this desire? Love and Peace from the Heart, Viola

Dear Viola,

I find beautiful the Indian tradition of giving a child of truth a new divine name. Every time someone calls her, it reminds her of her true nature. This desire in your case comes from your love for the Truth, not from your ego.

Of course, since we live in the West, the drawback is that an exotic name gets noticed. Be prepared to answer questions when you meet new people and tell them your name.