Francis Answers - 205 - Should I identify with awareness?

Francis Lucille

Name: Alan

Location: Washington DC

Dear Francis, About 10 days ago I had an awakening experience when I saw that the “I” is a just a conjured up mind-sensation. I knew this for a long time intellectually, but somehow didn’t seem to ‘take it seriously’ before. Now I see that it is almost ridiculous to think there is a ghost entity behind living. However, I am still puzzled. I don’t know what “this”, which is what is left, is. Various Advaita teachers talk about this is “Awareness”. I do not have the sense of “this” being awareness. Nor do I understand why the talk about identifying with this “Awareness”. I have just disidentified with an imagined entity. Identification with Awareness feels like going back to the identification business. Do I have to identify with something, either the ego self, or the capitalized Self? I have watched some of your videos and feel that you might be able to help. Thank you very much. Alan

Dear Alan,

By all means no! Don’t identify with anything! Be “this” and only “this” which you are. The rest, awareness, consciousness, whatever, is only semantics.